MarTech Outlook Recognizes Silhouette As The Missing Piece to Marketing Attribution

Dec 8, 2021 | Audience Intelligence, B2C, Data Enrichment, Influencer Identification & Attribution, Market Research

Did you know? Over half the global population actively engage on social media for 2 hours every day. Let that sink. Social media is arguably the most important source of audience insights for marketers today. That’s why it’s essential that you have the right tools in place to capitalize. This means being able to draw actionable insights and also measure the sales impact of your earned media campaigns the same way you do for paid media.

The Future Of Marketing Attribution: Social Audience Insights

As our feature in MarTech Outlook calls out, what you really need are social audience insights to provide you with a holistic view of your audience—their self-declared interests, beliefs, and sentiments— based on their collective behavior across all of the social platforms they frequent. Our Silhouette™ platform provides you with these insights for over 300 million verified individuals that you can then overlay with third-party purchase data to determine true ROI impact of your campaigns. The best part? It’s all done in full compliance of CCPA and without reliance on third-party cookies.

Marketing Attribution In Action

As highlighted in our MarTech Outlook feature, we worked with a leading consumer packaged goods (CPG) firm looking to measure the sales lift and ROI of several high-profile influencer partnerships. To support this initiative we began by capturing social audience insights from those individuals engaging with content shared by the CPG client’s influencers. By identifying the verified identities of those who had engaged, or been potentially exposed to the influencer’s content, we were then able to overlay third-party purchase data to view sales impact resulting from the partnership.

As a result our client was able to see a 300 percent higher ROI impact compared to their traditional paid media campaigns. This success ultimately led to the client’s further investment in influencer partnerships, making it a core focus of their marketing strategy going forward.

In short? Having a tool that can help you to map social engagement to real individuals will empower you to finally attribute value to your social media campaigns.

Bonus Feature: Our New eBook On Achieving Holistic Unified Data

We recently launched an eBook called How Unified Data Transforms Your Marketing Campaigns that highlights everything you need to know about going beyond social listening to capturing actionable social insights to support marketing initiatives from market research and influencer attribution to persona creation and social retargeting. Check it out here, and start transforming your marketing campaigns today.


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