Bridge The Historical Gap Between Earned & Paid Media Programs

Gain unprecedented intelligence on your PR and earned media audience. Silhouette™ enables global agencies and brands to identify audiences organically exposed to earned media coverage, then target them programmatically across any preferred media channel.

Discover the Capabilities of Silhouette For Earned Media & PR Measurement

Identify Exposed Consumer & B2B Audiences

Discover the real individuals exposed to or actively engaging with specific earned media content across social media in order to determine if they represent your target buyers.

Measure Earned Media & PR Impact

Target exposed individuals with surveys to measure the impact of earned coverage on brand awareness and perception, or overlay purchase data to measure your campaign’s ROI.

Retarget Audiences via Paid Media

Based on survey results, run tailored paid media campaigns to various segments within the exposed audience to combat negative press or amplify earned media exposure.

Silhouette in Practice

Using Silhouette, explore how a global fast food company was able to identify and target audiences exposed to negative press.

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A Better Solution: Identifying Exposed Audiences for Attribution and Brand Lift

Download our latest white paper, Next Generation Earned Media Measurement: Moving Beyond Engagement Metrics. Take a deep dive into how social audience data is enabling marketers for the first time to identify verified individuals exposed to or engaged with influencer and earned media content across social platforms. Readers will discover how to calculate sales impact […]

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