5 Influencer Marketing Platforms and Services to Consider When Starting an Influencer Program

Jan 5, 2023 | Audience Intelligence, Influencer Identification & Attribution

Marketers have plenty of options to select from for their influencer program. Here are 5 influencer marketing platforms and services to consider:

Consideration #1: Agencies and managed services

Agencies offering influencer marketing are perfect for marketing departments looking to outsource their influencer initiatives to a group of experts. If you’re small or just starting an influencer program, this might be what you want to consider before investing internally.

Consideration #2: Influencer management platforms

Management platforms provide a comprehensive tool for selecting influencers, nurturing the relationship, managing payments, and evaluating engagement success of the partnerships.

Consideration #3: Social listening platforms

Listening platforms allow marketers to view viral topics, and the conversations being had on social relevant to your brand or your competitors. They also help you monitor the content of specific influencers and their following.

Consideration #4: Social audience insight platforms

Social audience insight platforms gather thousands of insights about any audience. They can identify if your audience actually has an affinity with a specific influencer. These tools can validate if the influencers you’re considering or those recommended in your management platform align with your audience, without having to rely on follower counts, engagement rates, and the content they create alone. After your campaign is complete and you need to report ROI to your senior leadership team, you can leverage these platforms to identify who was exposed to or engaged with your influencer campaign to then map back that audience to purchase data to identify who made a resulting purchase.

Consideration #5: Design tools

Design tools like Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud are critical to both marketers and influencers alike allowing you to create custom images and graphics to fuel your social and influencer campaigns.



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