The Data You Need for Accurate Media Planning: Social Audience Insights

Feb 29, 2024 | Audience Intelligence

Navigating the ever-evolving media landscape requires more than just a good hunch, media kits, engagement, and demographic data; it demands concrete data about consumers’ media consumption and preferences.

So, how do marketers access this crucial data?

The advent of social media was a turning point for how we connect with others, but it has also become a valuable source for marketers to better understand their audience. When you peel back the layers of an audience’s social media footprint, it reveals a lot about who they are, whom they engage with, and where they spend their time.

Silhouette™, a leading audience insights platform, is at the forefront of transforming media planning. By harnessing self-declared data from across major social platforms, Silhouette enables marketers to move far beyond the approach of ‘casting a wide net’. It offers a comprehensive look into your audience’s media consumption, favorite influencers, brand loyalties, and demographics, paving the way for more targeted and effective media strategies. When you truly understand your audience and where they engage, you gain a deeper connection, maximizing spend and ROI.

How to take an audience-first approach to media planning and influencer partnerships

Within Silhouette you’re able to identify, uncover and take action on thousands of insights based on your audience’s behavior and relationships across their various social profiles.

First, build your target audience

In Silhouette, you can create any consumer, brand, or influencer audience. For example, if we were a marketer for Lululemon, we might want to build an audience that has an affinity for our brand and those that follow our social accounts, or maybe we want to take a deep dive into working professionals that value healthy eating, exercise, and live in urban areas across the US.

Example audience recipe fo

Next, uncover unique insights about your audience

Knowing your audience is paramount, often requiring the need to manually combine disparate data sources from multiple technologies, departments, and organizational silos. However, Silhouette can easily integrate with your existing data sources, filling gaps with audience-specific insights that you can’t find anywhere else. Where your CRM and third-party datasets offer purchase data, and demographics, Silhouette provides a deep dive into your audience’s interests, preferences, affinities and more. In the same example mentioned above, we can see the media channels and influencers Lululemon’s audience engages with most.

Key audience insights for successful media planning
Media insights for target audience

Now, take action on the insights you’ve uncovered about your audience

When your audience tells you the media channels and influencers they engage with, you can be confident and data-driven in your future investments and partnerships. Additionally, you can inform messaging that will resonate based on their interests and what they value most, ultimately leading to deeper connections, brand loyalty, and higher conversions.

While we just focused on the insights from Silhouette that inform media planning and influencer partnerships, there is so much more you can do.

Ready to start building a media strategy that’s as dynamic as your audience?

Silhouette is key to taking a data-driven, audience-first approach to media planning and influencer partnerships. You no longer have to take an educated guess on where to spend your marketing dollars—instead, you can confidently step into the digital spaces where your audience already engages. Silhouette is helping marketers across Fortune 500 brands and global agencies navigate the dynamic media landscape, ensuring your message not only lands but resonates.

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