Silhouette Recognized in G2’s Audience Intelligence High Performer Report

May 13, 2024 | Audience Intelligence

2024 is off to a great start for our StatSocial team. Our Silhouette™ platform is helping hundreds of clients make meaningful connections with their ideal consumers and we’ve got some exciting new product updates in the works. The icing on the cake? It was just announced that we’ve landed in the top 5 of G2’s Audience Intelligence High Performer.

For those unfamiliar, G2 is the leading tech marketplace—helping business professionals discover and choose new software. In short? They make sure the tech in your tech stack is legit. And while we’ve known Silhouette is the real deal for years—breaking into the top 5 of G2’s high performer report is an exciting milestone. We’re proud of what we’ve built. But we’re even prouder of what Silhouette has helped our customers accomplish.

What Does This Recognition Mean?

According to HubSpot, most marketers don’t know who their audience is. StatSocial has been on a mission to change that—and it’s working.

Our platform captures self-declared audience insights across major social platforms—TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more— so you know who your audience is and what matters most to them.

Purchase decisions are emotional—which is why Silhouette moves beyond demographics to psychographics so you can know the person behind the purchase.

Silhouette’s top 5 placement in G2’s Audience Intelligence High Performer report is a testament to its effectiveness and popularity among marketers. And it’s no small achievement. The report is based on ratings by industry experts, ensuring that only the most exceptional software products receive recognition. To even qualify for inclusion in this report, Silhouette had to garner numerous reviews from verified users.

“Rankings on G2 reports are based on data provided to us by real software buyers,” said Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer at G2. “Potential buyers know they can trust these insights when researching and selecting software because they’re rooted in vetted, verified, and authentic reviews.”

G2 reports are crucial resources for buyers looking to expand and improve their tech stack.

But what sets Silhouette apart? Let’s hear directly from the users:

What Do Our Customers Have To Say?

Customers on Silhouette’s consumer insights capabilities:

Silhouette’s consumer insight capabilities are unmatched. Not only can you uncover self-declared audience insights mentioned above, but you can also bridge the gap between your first and third-party datasets with audience-specific insights.

Here’s what some of our current customers have to say:

“StatSocial proves to be an exceptionally potent tool for uncovering valuable insights about any audience, regardless of how particular or specialized they may be.” -Nello R.

“StatSocial helps us keep our clients happy. We use your audience intelligence tools to dive deep into audience demographics and psychographics. We help our clients understand who their audience is, and we help them find consumers they don’t even think exist. With the help of Stat, we take this data and walk clients through the endless potential business they’re missing out on.” – Rina B

We do a lot of audience profiling and use audiences built in StatSocial to inform campaigns, pulling how certain brands/influencers/media/etc. resonate with our specific audiences. We also use the platform to ensure our content is reaching our target audiences.” -Amber N

Customers on Silhouette’s insights for media planning:

Silhouette helps you streamline and optimize your media planning by revealing where your customers consume their content, from traditional media outlets to niche podcasts.—making it insanely easy to connect with them where and how they want.

Here’s what some of our current customers have to say:

“I use the platform to understand the interests and media preferences for B2B target audiences. By creating audiences in the platform, I am able to create personas that tell a larger story about who these audiences are, and what media channels and vehicles they gravitate to when seeking out information. This allows me to build smarter go-to-market plans in my role as a Media Director at a B2B ad agency.” – Phillip K

Customers on Silhouette’s influencer marketing insights:

Did you know that most influencer marketing platforms rely on influencer-first metrics like followers and engagement? Not Silhouette. We take an audience-first approach to influencer discovery and identify the influencers your audience actively engages with, so you can be sure you’re getting your ROI.

Here’s what some of our current customers have to say:

“As we frequently pitch usage of influencers in our proposal work, the inclusion of creator audience insights further justifies not only the WHY behind using influencers, but showcases particular examples that are best fit, backed by data.” Frances W.

“StatSocial has allowed us to look at the creator’s audience and see beyond their content. We can dive into the audience’s interests to see if they would be engaged in our campaign and featured product.” -Andrea K

Customers on Silhouette’s consumer research capabilities:

Silhouette is a useful tool for in-house marketers as well as marketing agencies. Easily conduct extensive, accurate consumer research that will drive results for clients.

Here’s what some of our current customers have to say:

“Really helps us hone in on who our clients should be targeting and why. Solves the mystery of who the customers are–without having to run a full survey. StatSocial is also more nimble than surveys–so we get a quick sample and can build an audience much faster.” – Grace B.

“StatSocial allows my market research recruitment team to skip several steps in the targeting and recruitment process and run ads that are far more directly targeted to the people we need to reach. This allows us to offer solutions to clients for cheaper and on shorter timelines.” -Anonymous

Final Thoughts: See for Yourself Why Silhouette Is a G2 Audience Intelligence Top Performer

We can talk about how great Silhouette is all day long, but ultimately what matters is that you see how it can dramatically enhance your marketing strategy and results.

See how Silhouette can transform your marketing with a free, customized demo today.

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