Top 6 Consumer Insights You’re Missing

Jan 26, 2024 | Audience Intelligence

Understanding who your audience is and what drives them has always been the foundation of an effective marketing strategy. But it’s no easy task. Gaining a holistic view of your audience requires pulling from a bunch of sources (e.g. CRM, surveys, social listening)—each with their own limitations.

Fortunately, StatSocial’s leading social audience insights platform, Silhouette, is able to fill critical gaps in existing datasets, providing a comprehensive view of an audience’s unique interests, preferences, and affinities. By harnessing and taking action on this self-declared data, marketers gain the advantage of making more confident decisions around where to allocate their resources and investments, ensuring the highest possible return.

Here are the top 6 insights Silhouette provides on any consumer, brand and influencer audience that go beyond just demographics:

1. Media preferences

From media preferences spanning traditional publications, CTV, radio, and niche podcasts, it’s imperative that you know what channels your audience is actively engaging on. Traditional media kits and viewer demographics only provide so much data to inform decisions. With Silhouette, your audience tells you what podcasts they listen to, online publications they visit, and shows and streaming services they subscribe to, enabling you to hyper target your marketing dollars and message where they engage.

Within Silhouette, we built Tiffany & Co.’s brand audience to identify the top podcast’s their audience listens to.

Consumer insights for Tiffany & Co.’s brand audience

2. Favorite Influencers

There are plenty of platforms that will recommend influencers based on creator category, follower counts, and engagement. But that information is too limited to make an informed decision, often leading marketers to spend hours manually vetting potential partners.
With Silhouette, marketers are able to take an audience-first approach, surfacing influencers that their target audience already engages with and has an affinity towards. They do this by:

  • Analyzing any influencer’s following to confirm they reach their target audience, or exploring potential partners engaging similar audiences.
  • Creating custom brand or consumer audiences to gain insight into the macro, micro, and nano influencers they actively follow.

Looking at Mattel’s Barbie audience, these influencers’ followings are the most similar to Mattel’s audience:

Top influencer for Mattel’s Barbie audience

3. Brand Affinities

Understanding your audience’s brand affinities is as crucial as knowing their media preferences and favorite influencers. It is a key component of developing a holistic understanding of who they are. We recently partnered with a major fast-food coffee chain looking to identify brands that resonated most with their audience. The information they gleaned from Silhouette is now guiding their strategic decisions for an upcoming product collaboration.

4. Interests and passions

Your audience’s interests and passions reveal a great deal about them and can help drive your go-to-market strategy. For example, a popular at-home fitness brand leveraged Silhouette to identify how their audience and their competitor’s differed (e.g. diet and exercise enthusiasts striving to incorporate workouts into their hectic schedules vs. serious athletes). Consumer Insights gained from Silhouette enabled them to adjust paid promotions to target the preferred media channels of their competitor’s audience with messaging that would appeal to competitive athletes.

Customers' interests and passions for Competitor analysis

5. Dynamic persona clusters

Building and defining buyer personas is no easy task, usually requiring you to sift through purchase data, CRM, survey and countless other data sources. Silhouette makes this process not only seamless but quick and accurate, shaving off days of data analysis. Within Silhouette, simply upload your first-party data or build your unique audience, and gain thousands of insights across the prominent personas you should be focused on.

Dynamic persona clusters

6. Political Leanings and Key Issues

Better understanding your audience’s political leanings and affiliations can enable you to more closely align campaigns with their cultural values and beliefs, ensuring campaigns will resonate. The Politics section in a Silhouette Insights Report provides a comprehensive view of the key issues that matter to your audience, their top political influencers, and a political compass that helps you visualize exactly where your audience falls on the political spectrum aka how far right or left they are compared to a baseline.

Political Consumer Insights for a brand audience
Top Influencer and key issues from consumer insights

Use Silhouette to your advantage to gain comprehensive consumer insights

Silhouette is the industry’s only insights platform to capture self-declared audience data across major social channels, providing all of the insights mentioned above and more:

  • Media preferences
  • Favorite influencers
  • Brand affinities
  • Interests and passions
  • Dynamic persona clusters
  • Career profiles
  • Demographics

Ready to take the guesswork out of who and where your audience engages, and start building powerful, revenue-generating marketing campaigns—let’s see what Silhouette can do for you.



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