StatSocial is the Twitter Audience Insights Alternative

Mar 1, 2020 | Audience Intelligence

Twitter Audience Insights Alternative

Twitter Audience Insights

Twitter discontinued its Audience Insights from Twitter Analytics in January 2020. Introduced in 2015, Twitter’s Audience Insights provided in-depth data/insights about Twitter followers and those who engaged with tweets. Insights included demographic information, purchase behavior, interests and lifestyles. By revealing insights about followers, the data helped marketers and other users improve their Twitter strategy, including both nonpaid and advertising.

Thankfully, StatSocial offers a comprehensive alternative to Twitter Audience Insights that includes all of the features users knew and loved, plus a lot more.

StatSocial - Twitter Audience Insights Alternative

StatSocial Audience Insights

StatSocial’s data and insights enable marketers, planners, and media sellers to identify and reach the best consumer prospects and measure marketing campaign effectiveness by leveraging uniquely social audience insights. StatSocial’s technology is built on a taxonomy of over 85,000 attributes (demographics, brand affinities, interests, media properties, influencers, and IBM Watson Personality Insights).

For Twitter followers, personas, or even first party data, StatSocial’s alternative to Twitter Audience Insights can uncover key insights around the four following types of data:

1. Earned Engagement – With the rise of earned media comes the need to measure and target the customers and prospects that are engaging with influencers, blogs and earned media content. StatSocial identifies people who are organically seeking out and engaging with your brand, topics, or your competition across different media.

2. Influencer Audiences – StatSocial builds audiences and insights by identifying what content resonates with an influencer’s network. Influencer audiences allow you to market directly to prospects that overlap with any industry, trend, and or brand – with results that far exceed typical interest-based behavioral targeting

3. IBM Watson Personality Insights – StatSocial has partnered with IBM Watson to bring the power of Personality Insights™ cognitive computing to the marketing landscape. By working together to analyze billions of social media and blog posts, StatSocial and IBM Watson help marketers understand the specific motivations of their best consumers and prospects so they can plan content andreach the most receptive consumers.

4. StatSocial Digital Tribes – Our data scientists modeled the entire US population into 100 unique clusters, or “Digital Tribes.” Using billions of inputs from over 120M US consumers, we segmented naturally occurring groups across distinct demographics, personality traits and passions. For those familiar with traditional cluster models such as PRIZM, Personicx, Mosaic, and Tapestry, we believe this layer of social behaviors and personality traits, which only StatSocial can offer, provides the richest possible insights into what motivates different types of people to action.

Interested in learning more about how we can support your brand or agency? Click here to see some sample reports and please contact us below.

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