A Look Back at 2021

With Covid-19 still looming, it comes with no surprise that marketers have been forced to find new ways to connect with their audiences. While StatSocial has been focused on enabling our clients to more effectively reach and engage buyers in a digital environment, we have been committed to evolving our solutions in two key areas over the past year:

  1. Influencer and social audience attribution
  2. Social audience insights for market research

Next Generation Influencer & Social Campaign Measurement

Covid-19 forced marketers to adapt their programs to a fully digital environment resulting in the accelerated growth of influencer marketing. Previously, these campaigns were measured using metrics such as follower count, likes, or comments.

StatSocial’s patented Identity Graph which maps 1.3 billion social profiles to 300 million verified identities, sourced from publicly available data across major social platforms, enabled our clients to identify the individuals engaging with or potentially exposed to specific social or influencer content. Clients could then couple their purchase data with social audiences to measure sales lift through third-party attribution. With this capability, marketers have been able prove the ROI impact of their influencer and earned media campaigns for the first time.

Social Audience Insights + Market Research

In addition to the growth in influencer marketing, Covid-19 shifted market research programs from in-person focus groups to digital insights gathering.

StatSocial quickly evolved its offering to provide researchers with access to our robust database of 300+ million verified identities. With our Silhouette platform’s taxonomy of 95,000 audience attributes (e.g. interests, passions, personality traits, brand affinities, media consumption and preferred influencers), researchers could finally move beyond basic demographic data to build highly niche audiences for survey recruitment. Once data was collected, they could then append Silhouette’s social insights directly to their panel data to gain a 360-view of respondents.

To further bolster our position in the market, StatSocial recently partnered with Cint to combine their global audience of survey respondents with Silhouette’s. This partnership empowers market researchers to more seamlessly achieve precise survey targeting, launch surveys on-demand, expand insights with social affinity data, and measure brand awareness and impact.

While there are competing social audience insights solutions, none are able to identify the individuals exposed to or engaged with specific content across major social media platforms (e.g. LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.). Silhouette’s unique ability to map social audiences to personal identifiable information, provides marketers with the ability to run highly targeted attribution surveys (as an alternative to social campaign attribution described above).

Looking Ahead in 2022

In January, we plan to deliver new platform features to support the evolving needs of our clients as well as expand our partnerships with leading attribution providers.

We are continuously adding new data sources and channels in addition to expanding our taxonomy to provide marketers and researchers with the ability to build highly customized audiences at scale. In conjunction with these efforts, StatSocial remains extremely focused on adhering to GDPR and other data privacy standards across the US and Europe to remain an industry-leader in data transparency, recently becoming third-party certified by Neutronian. Our ability to provide rich insights and support our clients with privacy-compliant and cookieless data means that they are set up for the next generation of audience analysis.

About StatSocial

StatSocial fuels marketing initiatives from market research to attribution with critical, but often missing, social audience insights. Our Silhouette™ platform is the only solution providing marketers with a holistic view of who their customers are and what motivates their purchase decisions using data sourced from major social platforms.


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