Why StatSocial Clients are Looking to Custom Audiences for Their Market Research Studies

Oct 13, 2022 | Audience Intelligence, Market Research

In today’s world, making sure your marketing dollars reach your audience is essential, and market research is no exception. Leading market research companies and Fortune 500 brands are turning to StatSocial’s social audience insights to help conduct survey outreach and reach a custom audience of their ideal survey panelists, removing any individual that is irrelevant to their study before they even conduct initial outreach. Read on to learn how these companies and brands go about doing just that.

The secret: a powerful social audience insight platform

At StatSocial, our social audience insight platform, Silhouette™, enables clients to gain access to social knowledge on over 1.5 billion social profiles, creating the ability to build any custom audience based on interests, personality traits, media preferences, influencers and career profiles. Audiences built in Silhouette can range from broad to highly niche, including those exposed to or engaged with specific earned media coverage or influencer content across social media. And because these social audiences can be mapped to their real identities, clients can take action on them for survey outreach, attribution, and ad targeting.

How StatSocial clients are achieving highly targeted survey studies

Social audience insights are laying the foundation for next generation market research studies. While most research initiatives require casting a wide net to capture a small segment of the population, social audience insights provide marketers and researchers the ability to only target those who matter. Below are some of the ways our clients typically work with us for research studies:

1) Pre-screening their audience for survey targeting

Clients will often start by defining the specific audience criteria for those most relevant to an upcoming study. They then easily create their custom audience within Silhouette, or work alongside a StatSocial solutions team member, to achieve their ideal audience build for survey outreach.

2) Identifying the right survey methodology for gathering insights

Once a custom audience is built, clients will immediately see the number of opted-in panelists matching the criteria outlined in the audience build. Depending on the number of completes desired and the volume of opted-in panelists available, projects are often activated within Silhouette and can be quickly completed through direct integration with StatSocial’s panel partners. Alternatively, the StatSocial team can kick off recruitment to target non-panelists in order to achieve additional completes as needed.

3) Expanding insights on respondents

Once enough completes have been collected and analyzed for a specific study, clients will often expand their panel data in a couple of ways:

  1. Enrich survey responses with StatSocial affinity data to gain even more insight into respondent interests, preferred media channels, trusted influencers and more.
  2. Import specific respondents into Silhouette based on how they might have responded to the survey and run Silhouette’s Insights Reports to compare various segments against one another.

4) Model audiences for paid media

After a research study is completed, participating panelists can then be further leveraged as seed audiences for modeling and paid media targeting. Data enrichment across respondents can also inform future messaging and content that will resonate across their custom audience.

Ready to take a more targeted approach to your survey initiatives?

StatSocial is making it easy for clients to finally reach their audience for any research study, eliminating time and budget on those who don’t matter to your study. With access to Silhouette and our StatSocial team, marketers and researchers alike can feel confident in their survey results, while remaining GDPR and data compliant. Schedule a demo today to see the difference social audience insights are making to market research initiatives.


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