Transform Market Research With Silhouette™️ by StatSocial

Silhouette saves your research team time and money by enabling you to create panels based on thousands of descriptive attributes. With a proven track record, Silhouette has helped leading market research companies and brands transform their approach to conducting research.

Target Niche Audiences for Surveys

Target even the most niche markets, including B2B, easily and at scale through Silhouette’s robust database and massive amount of profiling points.

Expand Survey Panel Insights

Move beyond basic survey responses and append 95,000 unique audience attributes to your panel for a comprehensive understanding of their interests, passions, brand affinities, preferred media, and more.

Measure Brand Impact & Awareness

Reach and target audiences who have been exposed to specific social content, positive or negative, in order to gauge brand awareness and impact.

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The StatSocial Difference

Unlike other platforms that focus purely on social listening or capture social audience insights on Twitter alone, StatSocial’s patented Identity Graph maps over 1.3 billion social and community accounts to 300 million verified identities. Using Silhouette’s taxonomy of 95,000+ segments, you can create audiences based on their unique interests, passions, and personality traits in just a few clicks, fueling market research and paid media to influencer attribution and social retargeting. 

StatSocial data is sourced from public social data, does not rely on third-party cookies and is CPRA, CCPA and GDPR compliant. 

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What Does An Audience-First Marketing Strategy Actually Look Like?

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