The Mission – Find Your Audience

Social media has changed the way people communicate, connect and navigate in the world around them. The challenge for brands and companies is how to turn the real time power of social media into competitive advantage. That competitive advantage starts from going deep into the data to understand the unique characteristics of the audience – understanding the audience DNA. The mission for StatSocial is to help brands, publishers and agencies segment and understand their audiences. We believe that better data is core to building relationships and brand. Using our unique technology, data and approach, we unlock new ways to understand and reach your target audience in order to grow your business.


The Approach

Your brand is your most important asset and companies of all sizes are investing heavily to grow their presence in social media. Yet even the most sophisticated brands are challenged to find the people in social who matter the most and have the best connection to the brand. At StatSocial we have attacked this challenge by focusing on enabling brands to segment and target their audience in social on their own terms.

Understand your Audience

StatSocial has developed a proprietary data centric approach, which allows us to capture Twitter data at scale and analyze it. We use this aggregated audience data to generate your brand’s unique audience profile based on the combined view of data compiled across more than sixty social networks and public data sources. Utilizing more than 30,000 defining variables, you get a detailed view of your audience and their unique characteristics to enable better insight and targeting.

Target the right audience

We use our understanding of your audience to build the right audience for your brand to reach. Start by defining your target audience. StatSocial helps you segment that audience to understand what makes them unique. From those unique characteristics, we build an audience that is ideal for your next Twitter campaign.


The StatSocial Product – Relentless Innovation and Insight

Your brand promise comes down to how your product works, and we have spent a lot of time to turn dynamic social data into data science driven insight that is easy to understand, delivering insights you can use. The StatSocial product reveals the customized DNA of your social audience by exposing their unique demographics – gender, income, education, race, location and more – giving you the ability to better target your communications and campaigns based on the characteristics of your audience and their interests. Our recently introduced Twitter affinity graph enables revolutionary insight into your audience’s interests. We uncover and categorize more than 370 interest categories and expose affinity scores for more than one thousand TV shows, thousands of consumer brands and more than twenty thousand celebrities. We find who you are looking for, what they like, and enable you to make smarter decisions around your audience.

The Team – Relationships and results matter

The StatSocial team is comprised on social media industry innovators, data experts and relationship professionals. StatSocial was founded by social media expert Michael Hussey, who previously founded innovative social media analytics companies Peek Analytics and Peek You. A noted expert on analytic insight derived from real time social media, Hussey founded StatSocial to enable brands, publishers and agencies to unlock new insight from social media. Our team is focused on customer success, taking extra time to understand your brand, your audience, and your unique needs. We build a tailored approach with social media demographics and affinity graphs that enables you to connect better, target more effectively and deliver better results.


Who uses StatSocial?



Arm your sales teams with deep social audience demographics and psychographics by analyzing visitors sharing content from your site. Prove to advertisers how powerful your social audience actually is.


Incredibly detailed audience insights including demographics and psychographics of both your active and passive social audience. Drill deep into individual level consumer data with the API.



Use audience analysis to plan, measure and report the social effect of your campaigns. Engage influencers based on their audience makeup rather than just an engagement score.

Media Buyers

Understand and benchmark online engagement for offline media like TV and movies. Enhance your digital spend by understanding the social audience pushing your viral content.


Michael Hussey
CEO & founder
Lane Gillespie
SVP Operations
Pavel Baranov
Oleg Borkov
Lead Engineer
Michał Polakowski
Software Engineer
Tom Butler
Chief Revenue Officer
Kamil Klimkiewicz
Lead Engineer