Harness Social Data For Unique Consumer Insights

With consumers spending over two hours per day on social media, it is critical that you have the right tools to harness and take action on these insights. Silhouette™ has enabled Fortune 500 brands to capitalize on their audience’s self-declared interests, passions, brand affinities, preferred media channels, and trusted influencers for various programs including market research, paid media, influencer marketing, and more.

Reach Your Consumers with Silhouette

Fuel Persona Definitions With Competitor Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers, and those of your top competitors, to discover unique similarities, differences, and areas of opportunity for future prospecting.


Uncover Influencers Your Audience Engages With

Based on the unique attributes of your target audience, identify the macro and micro influencers they are already engaging with for more impactful campaigns.

Capitalize on Ad Spend With Relevant Placements

View the media channels, publications, websites, podcasts, and TV networks that your audience most frequently engages for precise targeting via paid media.

Silhouette in Practice

Discover how a top at-home fitness brand leveraged Silhouette to better understand their audience and that of their competitor to inform persona definitions, product messaging, and targeting.

Take Hold of Silhouette’s 95,000+ Pre-Built Taxonomies

Interests & Passions


Media Properties


Our Solutions

Consumer Insights &
Brand Measurement

Build and analyze any custom audience’s self-declared interests, affinities, and preferences to fuel marketing campaigns and brand measurement.

Influencer Validation &

Take an audience first approach to influencer partnerships, then identify those exposed and engaged to measure brand lift and influencer marketing ROI.

Panel & Consumer Research

Conduct consumer centric research and gain thousands of panel insights by leveraging the industry’s largest collection of self-declared social audience data.

Connected Audience Data

Connect the dots between earned, social, influencer, and paid media audiences for more meaningful insights and impactful campaigns.

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How Marketers Can Conduct Influencer Marketing Attribution

Cookies Are Expiring, But One-to-One Experiences Don’t Have To

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