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Guidelines for formatting CSV upload of terms for Tweet Report tracking:

The CSV file of your inputs should contain nothing but a comma-separated list of terms, Boolean operators (AND/OR), or—potentially—parentheses.

Please enclose each term in double quotes—be it “keyword”, “#hashtag”, “@account”, or “”. N.B.: This only applies to CSV uploads, not terms entered through our interface.

Do NOT enclose AND or OR in quotes.

Please note that we only support OR and AND as Boolean operators. NOT is currently not supported.

The standard order of precedence for the Boolean operators is AND before OR. Thus A and B or C and D or E is interpreted as (A and B) or (C and D) or E. To override the order of precedence, use parentheses. Nesting is supported, but use cautiously, as unmatched parentheses will trigger errors. Do not enclose parentheses in quotes. The following is a valid input in CSV:

“A”, and, (, “B”, or, “C”,)