Earned Media & Influencer Attribution

Owned and paid media have been tracking attribution for over a decade, which has led to a massive increase in spend for marketers.  However, earned media and influencer marketing has yet to solve the attribution puzzle.


With StatSocial’s patented technology, marketers and media sellers can attribute website or offline conversions to audiences engaged with specific topics or influencers. 


For the first time, earned media can be accredited with helping to drive business goals with the same metrics that Paid and Owned media have been using for a decade.


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Earned Media & Influencer Attribution

Have you worked hard for influencers and bloggers to write about your products or services?

It’s successful but all you have are ‘reach’ metrics and traditional PR metrics? No problem, StatSocial can now connect the dots for you.

We can help you tie business outcomes of the audiences that interact with your influencers and earned media and allow you to report on campaign success the exact same way Paid and Owned media do. To request a demo, click here.

Offline Attribution

You just spent a lot of money on a 4-week, cross-platform campaign to promote your latest movie release. Did it work? Do you know if the people you targeted actually saw the film? Their purchases history can tell you they bought tickets, but not what they saw.

Randomized surveys are expensive, hard to scale, and pretty much hit-or-miss. Only StatSocial can tell you which people are talking about seeing your movie and encouraging friends to see it. And it can match those people with your attribution models. To request a demo, click here.

Social Lift

How do you put a value on a follower, a share, a like, etc?  Are you adequately measuring the value of your social media?  With StatSocial’s patented technology, you can connect the dots between these social activities and online or offline conversions.

It’s a simple as working with us to identify your campaign, and we will tell you who was exposed and not exposed, and the resulting lift. To request a demo, click here.


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