Crisis Insights

We’re in uncharted territories.

The news, development, prognosis, sentiment, economic outlook is shifting state by state, city by city, day by day, if not hour by hour. How can brands, agencies, and media outlets keep pace with such a shapeshifting hive-mind?

In the face of such fast changing developments, the challenge of understanding what consumers are thinking and delivering messages that resonate with their concerns is unprecedented.

StatSocial’s Crisis Insights service helps brands, agencies, and media outlets keep their finger on the consumers’ pulse by providing up-to-the-minute information on how the coronavirus epidemic and economic downturn are affecting sentiment in the general public and among their customers specifically.

Crisis Insights is based on StatSocial’s unique Silhouette social identity platform with its 85,000-segment taxonomy across 1.3 billion social accounts that connect to more than 70% of US households. Silhouette is the only platform to deliver this scale of deterministic data. 

Crisis Insights provides daily updates of changes in consumer sentiment for 32 crisis-related segments across four general categories: 

  • People concerned about the Covid-19 epidemic
  • People concerned about the direction of the economy
  • People coping and adjusting to the ‘new normal’ environment
  • General attitudes and psychographic outlook of the population. 


The data for Crisis Insights is collected and analyzed daily and then reported as 7-day rolling averages, 30-day rolling averages, and the full data series. This information is made available to subscribers across two different service offerings.


Crisis Insights Service:  90-day subscription access to an online insights dashboard for 32 crisis segments, plus downloadable crosstab spreadsheet of the insights data for additional offline analysis.

Crisis Data for Analytics Service: 90-day access to the standard Crisis Insight service plus delivery of underlying identity data to a platform of customer choice for analysis across 1st party and 3rd party data sources.


Valuable Insights: Over time, brands can observe the changes in key customer segments to better understand changes in consumer sentiment.  Brands can formulate appropriate messaging for their clients/customers based on what Crisis segments they are aligned with and determine what influencers and media outlets their consumers are engaging for each crisis segment (financial, jobs, medical issues, etc.)







About StatSocial

StatSocial enables brands and agencies to gain extensive insights on consumer and market trends while being able to identify their best consumer prospects. The company’s earned media data platform is built on a taxonomy of over 80,000 attributes (demographics, brand affinities, interests, media, influencers, and IBM Watson Personality Insights), linked to consumers covering 1.2 Billion Social profiles and 70% of US households. Clients can access insights and data through StatSocial’s proprietary reporting interface or across most marketing technology platforms.

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