StatSocial’s founder Michael Hussey writes about “What’s left when the cookie goes away?” over at Search Engine Watch

Nov 3, 2020 | Press

Over at Search Engine Watch, StatSocial‘s President and Founder, Michael Hussey has written a terrific piece entitled, “What’s left when the cookie goes away?

StatSocial‘s President and Founder, Michael Hussey is seen here visibly pondering the soon-to-be cookie-less world. 

In the piece, Michael chimes in on the on the ongoing discourse surrounding the phasing out of cookie tracking technology (as was announced by Google back in January).

Mike wastes no time eulogizing the cookie’s demise, however, and instead looks to the future and the many opportunities this sea change will provide:

Below is an excerpt to whet your appetite before clicking through to read the article for yourself (which we, of course, encourage):

Many marketing tech companies are built on the faceless calculations of cookie-based tracking, targeting, and attribution. But as the general public came to understand how their data is being traded and used, their concerns sufficiently inspired regulators to come up with ordinances like GDPR and CCPA. Google’s decision to eliminate the cookie will make its own dealings with regulators easier, but it also forced a lot of companies who benefited from the ecosystem to rethink their own data practices from the ground up.

And so the demise of the cookie presents us with an opportunity – both for consumers and data-dependent organizations. What arises to replace the cookie in the coming years should lead to a more accurate, honest, and valuable digital ecosystem.

Thanks to Search Engine Watch for allowing Michael the chance to share his thoughts, and again we encourage all reading to head over there to check out the piece in full for yourselves.


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