StatSocial CEO, David Barker, on “Reinventing the Survey,” in AW360

Apr 22, 2020 | Press, Research Panels & Appends

Over at AW360, StatSocial’s CEO, David Barker, has penned a piece entitled “Reinventing the Survey for the Modern Social Landscape.”

The article touts the virtues of earned data (“information derived from earned media — instances in digital and social media where influencers and other consumers mention or express their support for a certain company, issue, product, cause or interest”), and the ways that harnessing the insights it provides enhances traditional survey methods.

As David writes in his intro:

Surveys will always be a staple of the marketing research toolbox. But their limited sample size often limits their usefulness and reliability for informing decisions about digital marketing campaigns. Extrapolation beyond the bounds of the questions asked becomes a real problem. They’re also static, representing a snapshot in time of expressed opinions, and cannot capture the dynamics of attitude and sentiment shifts in real-time.

Here earned media comes to the rescue, finally making it possible to augment survey findings so they’re reliable at scale and across a longer time span. And with richer insights to boot.

To see what more David has to share on the subject, head over to read the full article here.

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