StatSocial & LiveRamp’s Partnership Expands to Allow Integrated Social Audience Insights

Sep 15, 2021 | Audience Intelligence, Press

The team at StatSocial is excited to announce that we’ve expanded our partnership with LiveRamp to allow customers to enrich their existing data even further with integrated social insights.

We’ve teamed up with LiveRamp, the leading data connectivity platform, for several years now. In 2020, the partnership between StatSocial and LiveRamp enabled our clients to bring social audiences to the LiveRamp Data Marketplace. This meant that brands could take advantage of things like influencer audiences and earned engagement—all while using LiveRamp’s pseudonymous, people-based identifier, RampID.

Today, we’re strengthening our dual capabilities even further by becoming both RampID and transcoding API enabled. These integrations mean that RampID-enabled companies now have full access to append StatSocial’s audience data directly with their own.

How It Works
By leveraging RampID, clients can append their existing customer data with StatSocial’s socially-derived taxonomy of over 85,000 audience attributes in a fully anonymous and privacy-conscious way. This will allow them to discover new audience insights and create highly targeted campaigns.

What It Means For Advertisers
In marketing speak? You can now match StatSocial’s social audience insights directly to your LiveRamp customer IDs, and anonymously identify customers through their engagement and interactions across social platforms.

With our original partnership, you could pull audience segments (e.g., football fans, frequent travelers) from StatSocial to send to your paid media provider. With our newly expanded partnership, you can now match all of StatSocial’s 85,000+ audience attributes directly against your customer base so that you have a holistic view of all of your customers’ interests, affinities, and motivations to purchase.

This seamless process of data enrichment allows you to better understand who your customers are, fueling more powerful marketing campaigns. Below are just some of the things you can take advantage of:

  1. Social audience insights: Understand customer behavior across various social channels so that you can create more engaging campaigns that can influence purchase decisions.
  2. Enhanced influencer discovery and attribution: Identify which influencers resonate most with your customer base to improve your influencer marketing campaign ROI.
  3. Earned media activation: Seamlessly deliver accurate audience data directly to third-party media providers (e.g., Facebook, Instagram), mobile publishers, DSPs, and more.
  4. Social audience targeting: Run targeted, cross-channel social media campaigns specific to audience interests.

The teams at StatSocial and LiveRamp are excited to be able to deliver more value to our customers by enabling them to enrich and append audience data on an entirely new level—full unabridged access to over 300 million profiles and 85,000 taxonomies.

If you’re looking to understand what this game-changing partnership can do for you, let’s chat.


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