Brand Psychology — General Mills Cereals with the Most Adventurous Customers

Jul 26, 2019 | Insights

While we grown-ups may enjoy turbo-charging our mornings with a stiff cup of bitter, bracing coffee, a crunchy and cool bowl of cereal gets the day’s proceedings underway in style whatever one’s age.

Grown-ups can also eat cereal for lunch, dinner, and a midnight snack if so inclined, because we get to do whatever the heck we want (sorry kids).

The point here, though, is that cereal is awesome, whenever it’s eaten, and no manufacturer of such foodstuffs has more outstanding brands under its umbrella than General Mills.

As is often said, some cereals are built for comfort and others are built for speed…

This, in truth, is seldom, if ever, said. If a manufacturer were, however, seeking to determine which of its brands most appeal to customers who feel that need, that need for speed, StatSocial is the most accurate means of gaining such insight.

Here we are sharing the results of our analysis of tens and tens of thousands of the most loyal eaters of General Mills’ cereal brands. Our purpose? To highlight our ability to quickly suss out a brand’s psychology — and in this case, to determine which of those brands’ consumers are the most adventurous.

About this project

Time to gather the data & insights below: <10 minutes
Time to analyze data: ~30 minutes
Time to write this analysis start to finish: 1 day

Why are we doing this?

With this entry we are highlighting the fact that only StatSocial’s insights overlay 85,000 dimensions against first and third party data sets. In other words, working with StatSocial is the equivalent of asking your customers 85,000 questions.

How can we measure adventurousness?

Among the great many things StatSocial will tell you about any consumer audience is a breakdown of the various personality types. By bringing to life the brands, media consumption, key influencers and Digital Tribes for any audiences, we provide the predictive edge by defining the big, fat “who?” in the room.

And thanks to StatSocial’s proud partnership with IBM Watson™ and the integration of their Personality Insights™ service into our insights, StatSocial quantifies personality traits.

To learn more, visit IBM Watson’s site here.

Let’s dive into our findings.

What You Are Seeing on the Below Graphic

Scores on the below graphic have been calculated using 100 to represent the baseline of adventurousness among the average American consumer. As you can see, consumers of Oatmeal Crisp are 2.20 times more likely to exhibit adventurous personality traits than the average American. Your least adventurous cereal buyers are Cookie Crisp customers.

Consumers of Oatmeal Crisp count the adventurous among their ranks to a degree that exceeds the average by over 2.19 times. Adventurous sorts can be found among consumers of Chex cereals to an extent exceeding the average by over 1.58 times.


Adventurousness,” in a marketing context, is an actionable insight as it relates directly to an audience’s drive for experiencing new things and expanding horizons. Are General Mills brand managers aware of the psychographic nuances of how their brands stack up against their competitors? Let’s find out. For more information on how StatSocial works with CPG companies, click here.

StatSocial offers 51 other personality traits that can be overlaid on top of any first or third party data set (e.g. shopper data, geolocation, television viewership, etc).

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