StatSocial’s Top-25 College Football Teams Analysis — Democrat vs. Republican Fanbases

Oct 26, 2020 | Insights

It is suggested that one discuss neither politics nor football when in mixed company. Actually, we’re not so certain about the second of those. Nonetheless, as it is the season for each, we will be discussing both (or, at least we’ll be inviting you to peruse our results and initiate your own discussions).

Using StatSocial‘s patented audience intelligence platform, Silhouette, we developed the list below. Following up from our chart, showing the political leanings of each NFL team’s fanbase, we now present the same straightforward right/left breakdown for college football’s top-25 teams.

Below the chart you’ll find a quick explanation of how Silhouette does what it does. We’ll add here that this is intended to only be a taste. We have the data and the capabilities to provide a vastly more nuanced and complex breakdown of the political opinions (not to mention, interests, media preferences, brand affinities, personality traits, and Digital Tribes) to be found within each of the below audiences. But for now…

StatSocial's Top 25 College Football Teams - Democrat vs Republican Fan Bases - Democrats vs Republicans

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The same metrics that marketers have long relied upon to quantify the value of a campaign’s Paid and Owned Media components, are now just as readily available for Earned Media.

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